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Why Choose Us?

In selecting the best school for children, parents and guardians seek out a place that would provide the best educational foundation that would ensure a smooth transition to university. We at Pegasus actively work towards making this process a delightful experience for all by providing a world class learning environment, seasoned educators and care givers.

We say Pegasus because we stand out in;


Our school produces students who achieve impressive IGCSE results with awards such as Outstanding Cambridge Learners Awards (Top in World 2017: Mathematics).


Modern technology is used throughout the school to further learning. All our class rooms are equipped with interactive boards.

Pastoral Care:

Certified care givers who undergo trainings annually on developments and better methods of increasing productivity in children while ensuring their all-round wellness.

International recognition:

International recognition: Pegasus will provide a platform backed with training to enable your child gain international recognition in various academic and non-academic fields like our students who were the overall best in the 2018-2019 CONRAD challenge.


We have affiliations with multiple international bodies and universities.
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Pegasus Schools ...committed to safeguarding...every child matters...