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Our History

In 1984, Mobil Producing Unlimited (MPNU) conceived the idea of a primary school of international standard to cater for the academic needs of her employees’ children. In 1993, Mr. Joe Aken’Óva representing the company mobilized the services of Corona Schools Trust Council to set up a Nursery/Primary School of international standard in Eket, Akwa Ibom State. On the 24th of January 1994, classes were provided for Nursery 1 to Class 6 with 120 pupils and 24 members of staff. Studies commenced immediately. The establishment and running of the school was approved by the Ministry of Education Uyo in June, 1994. The inevitability of growth gave birth to Pegasus High School in 2007 causing a change of name from Pegasus Primary School (PEPS) to Pegasus Schools (PEGS). In the continuation of the tradition of excellence, PEGS has been making waves in excellent performance.

Pastoral Care

In our quest for excellence, the focus in Pegasus Schools is not restricted to training only academically outstanding students. We are concerned with the personal, social, moral and cultural development of every child. This births individuals that are prepared to function independently, diligently and with integrity at all times.


Pegasus schools runs a dual curriculum (British and Nigerian curricula) leading students to the WASSCE and IGCSE examinations. Our teachers are specialists in their subjects and are committed to transferring knowledge using modern education tools and techniques in doing so.


All students’ assessments are done independently with zero tolerance for examination misconduct. Students are supported through intervention methods. Our classes are small to encourage one on one learning experience between teacher and students.

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Pegasus Schools ...committed to safeguarding...every child matters...